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I would like to say Hi and Thank you for stopping by and looking at my first attempt at creating a web page using XHTML coding and not a drag-n-drop software.

This page started as a major project for an online college course that i am presently taking. Since my passion is sailing and already most of my assignments were done using sailing as a subject I thought it would be only fitting if I continued the subject!

After getting most of my web page layout and design mostly done, silly me, I then thought that i better check to see what the pre-requisites, only to find that I now have to change the coding as well as some of the layout. So if some items seem that they don't fit into the layout its because it needs to be there to fulfill the requirments.

Since i'm on the subject of sailing and I am a member of the Algoma Sailing Club. I would like to take this time to say Thank You to the members for inviting me into their club and taking the time to teach me the mechinacs, the knowledge and the friendship needed to get me get me up and into the wind!!

Algoma Sailing Club
The banner above is a link to the Algoma Sailing Club. Please feel free to check it out!

Here is a little java script that i thought was cute as I could have used it many times while making this web site!

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